Saturday, September 8, 2007


Well the last two nights in Tenessee were very interesting. Neither wound up as expected but both wound up being fun. We played Memphis on Thursday, and since it was an after-hours club the Silver Apples did not play. we got to meet him and hang out with him for a while, which was really cool even though he didnt play. after the show we hung out from the guys in boston chinks and the barbaras and stayed at their crazy house called the Pop Dungeon. in the morning we went to goner records and got kirk a new drum head. the drive to Nashville was the shortest drive of the tour so far and we got to the exit/in at around 5. we check into the festival and got a bunch of free swag. we played and the people were a little standoffish but the seemed to still be into it. the pink spiders and a bunch of nashville bands all played. we then went across the street and played pool for a few hours, and drank some more beers. matt (from pink spiders and mean buzz records) got us a hotel room and we got well rested. but we never got moonshine, damn.

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Lisa Moon said...

While this isn't relevant to this post specifically, I still have to ask:

Where do I buy a cd or something? I can find no place on the internet to do so. It's distressing.