Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Waking up in Vegas all rested, on my part at least. Played a fun first show at the Double Down despite drum problems throughout the set. were gonna hit a drum shop and get our stuff fixed before we hit the road. the crowd was pretty decent, all in all a good first show of the tour. the drive to vegas was very smooth despite the so called "labor day traffic" which would only have been a issue if we were coming back to LA. the drive took about 5 hours with some good tunes provied by our Farfisa-ist Dan (played Love "Forever Changes", Dave Allan "Cycle-Dellic Sounds", Can "Tango Mango", DIY Stary Eyes comp, Velvet Underground "Loaded" and im sure a few more choice cuts). in vegas of course you have to gamble and i turned my $20 into $100, which should come in handy along the road. we got put up by some good folk from the band the Pandas, louise and bobby (an ex member of the warlocks), and also wound up hanging with a cool dude, Jason, from of all places Chino, CA who seems to share many of the same friends. vegas was fun and we hope to be back here soon. no pictures this time. see you in albuquerque!
-danny c.

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